Thank you for your interest in securing a JINX SHIFTERS sponsorship. JINX SHIFTERS sponsorship budget is committed to projects well in advance however we review all new sponsorship proposals.
When reviewing sponsorship requests, JINX SHIFTERS applies the same assessment criteria to all proposals received. This is to ascertain whether the opportunity complements our marketing strategy.
When considering sponsorship proposals, JINX SHIFTERS will only pursue opportunities that can be assessed against the following principles:
  • Must be aligned with the business, brand and marketing objectives, brand vision, mission and values
  • Must be consistent with our online image and identity
  • Must enhance the reputation of the brand in the community
  • Must have the ability to engage our customers and people.
Activities that JINX SHIFTERS will not support include those that:
  • Support political parties
  • May present a reputational risk
  • Support denominational religions
  • Promote the business of gambling, alcohol, smoking or drugs
  • Promote socially divisive issues or events e.g. beauty pageants or sports that may be linked to animal cruelty
When submitting a request for sponsorship, in order to be considered, please ensure you provide the below details:
  • A summary of how you will be aligned with the business, how you share our brand vision and values.  Including how you will enhance our reputation in the community and how you will engage our customers and people.
  • The defined target audience you’ll be interacting with
  • A detailed outline of the project (if any)
  • Your individual performance evaluation 
  • Business opportunities that may arise
  • Expectation from a Sponsorship Proposal
  • Cost of sponsorship
  • Social media addresses/links