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Jinx Shifters is an Australian owned and operated company.  It began in one man's back shed, and with the support and feedback from racers across the globe the V2 sequential shifter has now become available to purchase worldwide!

Our mission is to take you on a racing journey where your speed change forces you to experience the ferocity behind a V8 super car shift change! Not only can you experience this feeling in a simulation setup, you can get into gear with the newly released Reality Jinx Shifter used for real life racing!

This is as close to the real deal and all of this makes Jinx Shifters the perfect partner for motorsports enthusiasts. We supply high quality shifters for motorsports and our products are hand made to order ensuring your unit works 100% right out of the box - no race car is complete without a


Introducing Shifter, ARB & Brake Bias Combo


Want to a custom colour?

Looking for a specific coloured shifter? With a number of colours to choose from you can now tailor your shifter to suit your rig set up! Choose from Blue G, Irish Green, Turquoise, Lawn Green, Purple, Red, Gold, Yellow or Orange - Add the option at checkout or send an inquiry!

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