Raising Money for Men's Mental Health 2023

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Richie and Ash chat about about his charitable work and the impact it's making in the community. Richie discusses the Rise Above Charitable Trust, which aims to create workshops focused on mental health, alcohol and drug education, healthy relationships, and positive masculinity. These workshops use martial arts as a drawcard to engage individuals who may not normally seek out such conversations.
Richie highlights the importance of providing education and guidance on these crucial topics to those who may lack access to professional resources. He mentions partnering with notable coaches and educators in martial arts to deliver these workshops successfully.
Additionally, Richie talks about the trust's work with young people referred to Oranga Tamariki or Youth Justice, using martial arts and kickboxing training as a bridge to mentor and provide positive outlets for these individuals.
The conversation delves into the challenges faced in securing funding for such initiatives, highlighting the need for financial support to ensure the sustainability of their work. Richie also explores the complexities of funding sources, including discussions about the ethics of funding from sources like the lottery or gambling-related entities.
The interview addresses the potential for expanding their work to other centers and setting up physical spaces where people can access their services. Richie emphasizes the importance of emotional self-regulation, anger management, and building emotional resilience as essential skills for young people at risk.
He acknowledges that addressing lifestyle factors such as access to nutritious food, adequate sleep, and minimizing the effects of social media is crucial in helping individuals make better life choices.
In conclusion, Richie underlines the importance of building safer, more compassionate communities by looking out for one another and supporting initiatives aimed at fostering personal growth and well-being. To finish, we emphasize the significance of addressing the root causes of criminal behaviour and the importance of creating a society where individuals are empowered to make positive choices.
Jinx Shifters have teamed up with Virtual Motorsport New Zealand and provided a Black V2 Sequential Gaming Shifter in a Virtual Motorsport NZ raffle, to help raise money for the Rise Above trust to continue and open up pathways for men to build positive relationships where and when needed.