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V2 JINX Sequential Gaming Shifter - Silver

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The customization of the featured de tent allows you, the driver to strengthen or weaken the shift to your desired feel.
The Jinx Shifter is mountable to any flat surface or can be adapted onto any 8020 rig.  We supply you with two 8mm bolts, making installation a quick and hassle free operation.
Jinx Shifters are supplied with a USB, PC based plug and play game controller.
Silver Nylon Shifter Handle (See alternative options under Gear Knob in the main Menu),  Color upgrades apply if desired.
The height of the shifter is 350mm, please see link for the footprint measurements.
The Jinx Shifter includes a 6 month manufacturers warranty.
* The V2 Sequential Shifter is built to order and will be dispatched within 3 weeks of purchase
* A custom tax may apply on international orders.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome shifter high quality product


I’m am so happy with this and would recommend to anyone

She does alright

I've actually owned two Jinx shifters now, a sort of V1.5 unit (CNC base but not arm) and the full blown V2 version. Both have been great and I can tell Simon from Jinx makes tiny improvements along the way. With the older shifter, the resistance when changing gears was instant. Now there is a tiny bit of travel before resistance kicks in. I think this is more realistic of actually pulling a gear.
Simon's service has been awesome along with way too. I had a small button/switch fault in my v1.5 unit. Without hesitation, Simon took the unit back, changed out all the switches and wiring and sent it back. It never missed a beat after that.
There is also no cutting corners with all the components. The V2 (at least my one) has a high quality leo bodnar circuit board in it (which I have cheekily wired some other buttons into). The V2 has not missed a beat. Outside my 8040 rig, the shifter is probably the strongest thing I have on my rig.
Game compatibility has been great. AMS2 had an odd issue but that was more of a controller number limit, than an issue with the shifter.

Finally, lets be honest. Your spending $700+ on what is effectively 3 switches. But it's the best feeling 3 switches you'll get at this price point.

David Hicks
Simply the best on the market

After trying many low end to high end sequential shifters on the market I was fortunate to be introduced to the Jinx sequential shifter in use on a friends Sim.
My search for the perfect sequential shifter was over!
Build quality, as we all want to know where the costs is. The Jinx shifter is a piece of Engineering art - full stop. Rock solid, well thought out and reliable.
Appearance. As stated, pure art and a great replication of legitimate Sequential shifter. The addition of the ARB and Brake Bias controls take it to the next level.
Feel. Fully adjustable for the end users liking with a perfect throw length.
Reliability. I've had my Jinx shifter for a couple of years now it has never let me down and it has coped a flogging in that time on my rig.
Customer Service. Incredible in a word. I reached out to Jinx some time back to double check on any servicing requirements etc and the Jinx team could not be more helpful. Recently I recomennded the Jinx shifter to a relative who purchased one also and the amount of contact and updaes provided by the Jinx team was outstanding.
I personally do not hesitate to recommend the Jinx shifter to any other Sim Racer and if for some reason I had to buy another one I simply would. They are excellent value for money when compared to other high end offerings and any purchaser would not be dissapointed.

The best shifter ever

Built strong, easy to mount and set up, no issues at all, highly recommended.