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Polyurethane ARB Knobs

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Give your ARB unit the ultimate look.  Jinx Shifters polyurethane ARB knobs are made from the highest quality components resulting in a superior feel on every position. Each ARB knob is designed and customized in Australia.
Sturdy and confident, the Jinx Shifter alternative gear knobs offers a soft cushion and non slip feel.  A comfortable experience in the driver’s hand and makes your movement  precise and sharp. 
  • Polyurethane has better abrasion and tear resistance than foam
  • Polyurethane has superior impact resistance, elastic memory, and excellent wear properties
  • Can be fitted to any existing ARB Jinx Shifter
  • Red and Blue polyurethane Rubber with silver knobs
  • Aluminum components can be anodized - Colour upgrades apply
Height: 90mm
Grip Width Diameter: 28mm
Grip Length: 75mm


 Material:  Aluminum and polyurethane elastomer

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